Busy weekend!

This weekend was pretty manic. It was my mothers birthday, so I had a lot of family time which was great. Unfortunately it is also that time of the year when there is a lot going on in the garden, and particularly in the greenhouse!

My to-do list began with the fact I needed to harvest all my remaining peppers, the weather has turned and it is only a matter of time until the first hard frost. Harvesting leads to a bit of a domino effect. Once the peppers are harvested, I need to do something with them! That mostly means sauce making time. But I need to film that…so this is what my weekend looked like:

  • Film an update video from the garden and greenhouse
    • Harvest all the peppers (this took about 5 hours!)
    • Clean out some new water tanks I bought
    • Preparing a few plants for overwintering
  • Film four sauce videos
  • Film the ending for two videos I have been busy with the last couple months
  • Film a “how-to” video on making a Ristra (that was pretty fun!)

I was hoping to get my update video edited and then released by Sunday evening, but I just didn’t have the time unfortunately. The filming of the other videos only finished at around 9pm Sunday! And that left me pretty tired and in need of dinner and some down time. So I will be editing tonight!

That leaves me with a lot of editing to do, but things in the garden should be winding down now for the next couple of months before the craziness begins again. So that means I will have more time to do these things. The good news there is that I will be able to start building up a backlog of videos so that I can properly schedule my video releases (this is a big goal of mine!).

By the way, this is what the greenhouse is looking like at the moment! It is looking very sorry for itself, and the jungle is no more…at least not until next year!

2 thoughts on “Busy weekend!”

  1. Hey CC, been following you for some time and gaining a lot of wisdom along the way. Thanks for all you do.

    QUESTION: We have a 3M X 6M green house, roof is the only covering, sides and ends are wide open. Here in So. Thailand our year-round overnight average low is 22 C with a daytime average high of 30 C. The roof is to keep the 175 CM of annual rainfall off the chilies, predominately New Mexico style mild to moderate hot chili species, and tomatoes.

    We have 3, 70 CM wide rows in the greenhouse, each 6 M long. We have access to grow pots off all sizes or we can grow directly in the soil with raised beds.

    Considering our weather and greenhouse size, how would you space out your plants if you had the above situation?

    Any input is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks mucho,

  2. Hi Don,

    That sounds like a great setup, and a beautiful climate for chilli growing.

    Because you don’t get frosts, I am assuming you don’t start new seeds each year, and instead keep the plants for a few years? If that is the case, I would suggest having your spacing a little wider than I would maybe do it for my setup. It really does depend on the exact chillies you will be growing but chilli plants can get rather huge, so would need a decent spacing to accommodate the roots.

    I am busy building a polytunnel at the moment in which I intend to have 3 raised beds, around 60cm wide (I would have liked a little wider, but that is what fits). I will likely stagger the plants and allow 40cm between them in a zigzag pattern.

    With your setup I would suggest doing a similar thing, zigzag spacing with about 50cm – 60cm between each plant. Does that make sense?

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