Sauce video frustration!

I spent a couple hours yesterday on a new sauce video, making a Nando’s style hot sauce. I got my ingredients prepared, finalised my plan of action, batteries charged, camera and audio setup and pointing in the right direction, lights on…and action!

I got through the video and the sauce turned out well. I was pretty happy with it, video and sauce. Then I glance over at my audio recorder and notice the meter isn’t moving. I cannot believe it…no audio for the entire video!

Recently I bought a new field audio recorder to help improve my audio and workflow so my videos can sound better as well as making the whole workflow more efficient. The recorder has a few quirks I am still getting used to, one of which cause the audio not to record! 

I am sure I can salvage the video though, I may just need to do a voice over. The good news is that the sauce is brilliant, so once I get through the the re-edit with the voice over I will get it up on Youtube ASAP!

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