The Importance of pH on Growing Chilli Peppers

Grow Bigger, Healthier Chilli Plants!


Did you know that pH (the measure of alkalinity or acidity) plays a key role in the development of your chilli plants?

The fact is: if poorly managed, pH could play a large role in the death or underperformance of your plants. Controlling pH can be vital if you want to optimize the growth and yields of your chillies.

Ever wondered why despite feeding your chilli plants all the right things, watering at the right times, and keeping temperatures and humidity at optimal levels, your plants just aren’t all that big or are showing signs of nutrient deficiencies? Well, you might have a pH problem, pH affects the availability of nutrients your plant has access to.

What pH is ideal for Chilli plants?

Chilli plants generally prefer a slightly acidic pH (below 7.0 which is neutral), as such we recommend that you aim to have your pH at or around 6.3 to 6.5 when starting out. It is true that some chilli plants do prefer slightly higher levels while others prefer even lower levels. This is why testing and careful observation is important to understand your own chilli plant’s needs. Keeping your pH within this range will get you started and hopefully turn your growing season around or get your season started on the right foot. Keep an eye out for additional content where we will explain testing and other topics in more detail. For your convenience I have put some affiliate links to a few pH meters you can purchase below if you don’t already have one, in addition, there is a video covering this topic.

3 thoughts on “The Importance of pH on Growing Chilli Peppers”

    1. You can use something called pH Down. Or if you can’t get that, then just use some lemon juice. Make sure you don’t add too much (test the pH after adding)

  1. You can use sparkling mineral water. Which has a slightly acidic ph and actually is very good for chillies. I just discovered this hack during the current year and I have the healthiest chillies I ever had. The key, like with anything in life, is moderation.

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