Top 10 Classic Chilli Varieties to Grow in 2023

As the 2022 chilli growing season is well and truly over (at least for the northern hemisphere!), many avid chilli growers are looking through seed catalogues and chilli seed websites to decide on what they will be growing in 2023. While there are countless of new and exciting options to choose from, let’s not forget some of the classics!

1. Jalapeno


This popular chilli pepper is a staple in many Mexican dishes and is known for its medium heat level and bright green colour. It is easy to grow and produces a high yield, making it a great option for those new to chilli growing. It is delicious, whether pickled, made into cowboy candy, or stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon! How about some seeds from my own Jalapeno cultivar?

2. Habanero


This fiery hot chilli pepper packs a punch with its intense heat level and fruity flavour. It is a popular choice for hot sauce and salsa, and is also commonly used in Caribbean cuisine. This is a versatile chilli that provides a good amount of heat, while still being tasty. Perfect for hot sauce.

3. Anaheim


This mild to medium heat level chilli pepper is popular for its sweet and smoky flavour. It is commonly used in roasted dishes and can also be pickled or canned for later use.

4. Poblano


This mild to medium heat level chilli pepper is often used in Mexican cuisine, particularly in dishes like chiles rellenos. It has a rich, smoky flavour and can be roasted or stuffed for added flavour. I love the size of these, and the different ways they can be used in a variety of cuisines.

5. Serrano


This medium heat level chilli pepper is often used in Mexican dishes, particularly in salsa and guacamole. It has a fresh, spicy flavor and is also commonly used in pickling, but is also a fantastic ingredient in hot sauces. It is also what is commonly used to make Sriracha!

6. Cayenne


This medium to hot heat level chilli pepper is commonly used in hot sauces and spicy dishes. It has a sweet, sharp, tangy flavour and is also popular in powdered form for added heat in dishes. This has to be one of the most balanced chillies out there, heat vs. flavour. My favourite use for these is in hot sauce (for a great example, check out my Blazing Buffalo eXtreme!). I have seeds for a few varieties of this tasty chilli in the ChilliChump Seed Store (Cayenne, Cayenne Long Slim, and Ring of Fire!)

7. Rocoto Manzano


Rocoto chillies are commonly used in Peruvian and Bolivian cuisine, particularly in dishes like rocoto relleno, a stuffed pepper dish. They can also be used in sauces, salsas, and soups, adding a spicy kick to the dish. Due to their thick skin, rocoto chillies are also commonly used in pickling and canning. They have very thick flesh, and are juicy, sweet and spicy! The seeds are quite unique, in that they are black!

8. Scotch Bonnet


This hot chilli pepper is commonly used in Caribbean cuisine and is known for its unique, fruity flavor. It is often used in hot sauce and jerk seasoning. Looking for seeds for the Scotch Bonnet?

9. Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Pepper)


This infamous chilli pepper is known for its extreme heat level, reaching over one million Scoville units. It is commonly used in hot sauces and spicy dishes, but should be handled with caution due to its intense heat. Despite its extreme heat, it is also one of the tastiest superhots around.

10. Piri Piri


And lets not forget this small but mighty chilli, which is my favourite all-round chilli to grow and eat! It packs some heat yet is hugely flavourful. It has an almost smoky tasty, with a burn that hits quick, but goes away just as quickly. Perfect for chicken! Get seeds for my own cultivar of this wonderful chilli!

No matter your heat preference, there is a classic chilli variety for every gardener and taste. These top 10 classic chilli varieties are sure to spice up your garden in 2023.

4 thoughts on “Top 10 Classic Chilli Varieties to Grow in 2023”

  1. Thanks. How about putting together a seed pack with all of these classics? I would love to get all of these in a single pack.

  2. Great selection Shaun and I love all the information you gave us on each chili. Very well done. There are a couple on this list I have yet to try and grow, so I will be adding them to this years seed start list. Fingers crossed I have a better growing season than I did last year. Thanks so much for all the time and effort you put into this. Its not lost on me how hard you work to serve your community. Its pretty awesome honestly. Stay spicy! V/R Shane

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