2021 Seedlings are well underway!

My seeds have got off to a great start for this year. In this video I announced the seeds I would be growing in 2021, and planted my first batch (mostly superhots): https://youtu.be/uYKwjVmkNYk . I couldn’t resist adding a few other varieties to the list since the video though! Have a look at my spreadsheet for a full list of my seeds https://bit.ly/cc2021sheet

I have started a second batch (last weekend), but here is a photo from yesterday of the ones I planted in the video above!

seedlings 18jan21

I hope your season has got off to a great start!

13 thoughts on “2021 Seedlings are well underway!”

  1. Hi I bought some peri peri seeds off you I sowed 10 seeds n all have germinated can’t wait for the chillies will use you again thanks

  2. My Jalapeno plants have germinated really well and took 10 days to germinate using levington john innes seed compost and placed on a windowcill with the heating mat and thermomiter set on a timer switch, i sowed mine on the 18th of January 2021 and have watered them once every week opting to use rainwater instead of tap water in fear of the chlorine affecting the seedlings, it has now been 15 days and are now waiting to see their first true leaves, in the meantime i have transplanted them into 3 inch pots with levington john innes no.1 compost for young plants and root cuttings, i have bought artificial light that clamps ontp my bedroom windowcill and a larger electric propergator having placed them in my bedroom where there is good air circulation and sunlight.

    i hope to have good luck in my first time growing Jalapenos and i wish you good luck on your growing journey.

    1. Sounds like you are off to a good start Dan! I would be a little hesitant to pot up your plants until they are more established (at least until the first true leaves have established themselves)

  3. That’s fair enough, i must ask one quick question, how often should i water my Jalapeño plants, i see that gardeners water them once either every 3 days or once a week, what is your best recommendation?

  4. Hi Chillichump

    Do you have a full listing and count of each pepper you’re planting in the 2021 season? How many peri peri pepper plants to you normally grow to get a decent yield to make sauce?


    1. Hi Shane,
      The spreadsheet I link to in this post shows all my seeds that I have started this season.

      Shaun AKA ChilliChump

  5. Have you ever Grown XVILL Peppers (C.chinense)? I just ordered my first one, and I’m Looking for Tips. any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  6. Hi Chillchump,

    I was wondering if you could recommend a good potting on compost/mixture for seedlings? I have some peat-free coir compost, but I have seen John Innes 1 and 2 compost mixes recommended elsewhere.

    Any tips/advice would be greatly appreciated 🙂

    Kind regards,


  7. Hello Robert. I like a compost that is as natural as possible, no additives etc. Especially no water retaining components added in. This is why I prefer using my own homemade compost. But when don’t have enough of my own compost (or have just moved home like this year!) I will buy a well sifted, general purpose compost that doesn’t cost a fortune. As you see from my videos, I am enriching my compost mix with a variety of additives so I can control what my plants get….and it works out more cost effective!

    That being said, there is nothing wrong with John Innes, and if you can get it for a good price, then it should be just fine.

    Good luck with your season! And Stay Spicy!

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