About us


Hello! I am Shaun, also known as ChilliChump. I grew up in Africa and now live in England. I make videos for my youtube channel where I share my garden, and food and sauce preparation with you. I grow plenty of chilli plants! With all the chillies I grow, I love to make hot sauce….I ferment it, blend it, mash it, cook it…I am always developing new recipes and methods. Due to popular demand, I started selling my creations in 2019!
I have been growing chillies since 2006. I like to take a bit of a techy approach to gardening, so there is information on how I automate the drip irrigation, air circulation, heating/cooling, hydroponics etc using things like Arduino, Raspberry Pi and ESP32’s.

Mrs ChilliChump

In 2015 I married Caroline, also known as Mrs ChilliChump. Caroline is from England. She is as much a part of my ChilliChump journey as I am, her support and help is invaluable. Her tolerance for spicy food isn’t yet where mine is, but it is improving! We have shared many adventures with each other, including a few trips to Africa

Carolines favourite animal (aside from me of course!)

We love to travel, and try to experience as many different cultures as we can around the world.

I have been riding motorbikes since I was VERY young. And thankfully Caroline loves riding with me. We have done some amazing trips on the bike…and have plans for many more!

Our biggest adventure yet


I grew up on a farm, and have always missed farm living. I lived in London for many years when I first arrived in England. I have been gradually moving further and further from London over time. I wanted more space to do more farm things! Including growing many more chillies (is there such a thing as too many chillies?). In 2021 Caroline and I made the move to Lincolnshire, to a beautiful property with a good amount of land. It has been a long time coming, and a LOT of hard work. But we are finally exactly where we want to be, and we can’t wait to share this adventure with all of you!

Thank you so much for your support, and for being a part of our adventure! I hope you enjoy our site and videos…and we love hearing what you have to say!

Shaun and Caroline
Mr and Mrs ChilliChump