Blazing Buffalo eXtreme Hot Sauce

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This is the HOT version of my Fermented Louisiana style hot sauce. Mix it with some butter and coat chicken wings for some delicious spicy Buffalo Wings!

In terms of heat, it is hot, but not stupidly so…I would say a 3 out of 5!

Please read the information about delivery, customs, and duties.  Especially if you live in a country that has stricter than usual controls on imports (for example Australia).

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This is the HOT version of my Fermented Louisiana style hot sauce. Mix it with some butter and coat chicken wings for some delicious spicy Buffalo Wings!

In terms of heat, it is hot, but not stupidly so…I would say a 3 out of 5!


  • Cayenne Chillies
  • White Wine Vinegar
  • Super Hot Chillies
  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • Salt

* May contain traces of nuts

Please read the information about delivery, customs, and duties.  Especially if you live in a country that has stricter than usual controls on imports (for example Australia). 

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28 reviews for Blazing Buffalo eXtreme Hot Sauce

  1. Josh (verified owner)

    Delivery arrived safe in sound here in Atlanta. Just tasted it, and it’s fantastic. Spot on Louisiana flavor. Better than Frank’s or Texas Pete, it just tastes fresh and tangy, and of course the very noticeably cranked-up heat. Now I can finally taste that sauce in the video.

    • ChilliChump

      Thank you for leaving a review! And I am really glad you are enjoying it! Means a lot.

  2. Jani (verified owner)

    Package arrived safely, sauce is really good. Not overly hot, but nice lingering heat with good amount of taste of The chillies. Works well as a condiment or a spice while cooking.

  3. Mark (verified owner)

    Very tasty hot sauce! Hits the heat just about right for me. Great on eggs, sandwiches and just about everything!

  4. sztyopek (verified owner)

    It worth every penny, so delicious I’ve ordered it again. I hope it will be produced from next year’s harvest as well.

  5. Justin (verified owner)

    Perfect hot sauce replacement for Frank’s!

  6. Robert Conner (verified owner)

    I’m a newby chillihead and found ChilliChump one day surfing YouTube. After countless hours of binge watching his videos I wanted to try some of his creations! I decided to try his Blazing Buffalo Xtream. It arrived safe and sound nicely packaged for the long trip. It’s hard to find a word to describe it… amazing, phenomenal, exquisite etc! Ok I tried. Seriously people you cant buy anything close to this flavor here in the USA. It’s definitely worth the price. Thank you ChilliChump for your dedication to your channel and your customers! I appreciate your personal touch. Good luck in all your future endeavors! Cheers!

    • ChilliChump

      Thank you very much for your feedback Robert! It is so great to hear from people like you. And I am especially happy that you enjoy my sauce!

  7. Beano (verified owner)

    Got my sauce today. Only 9 days to deliver to Australia which was a very nice surprise.
    I just had to try it straight away and it is by far the best hot sauce I have ever tasted.
    Hoping to get some more soon!

  8. Victor (verified owner)

    Just love this sauce! Keep them coming ChilliChump!

  9. breuer.patrick (verified owner)

    Hello Shaun, I must say the taste is absolutely delicious. It has a nice zippy tang to it. I wish it were a bit hotter though, but it definitely is a fantastic blend. I still have 2 more bottles from my purchase in December.

  10. Bruce Bowden (verified owner)

    This sauce is a real artisan celebration of the taste of the cayenne. Very intense cayenne taste, non offensive, and superior to store bought Tabasco (imo).

  11. Øyvind Øvrebø (verified owner)

    Package arrived safe and was sealed good. The taste is realy good. Perfect heat and it works well with everything. Its defently my New favourite hot sauce

  12. Jeff W (verified owner)

    I’ve torn through about 2/3 of this bottle now and have to say, it’s an amazing hot sauce. It goes well on almost anything and the heat level is right about perfect. From wings to lasagna to pizza to meats, it’s definitely been one of my go to sauces while I’ve had it. I told myself that I wouldn’t order a $30 hot sauce again (including shipping & currency fees), but now that my bottle is getting closer to empty, I’m not at all confident in that decision. I look forward to what the 2020 season will bring. Stay spicy, Shaun…thanks for sharing your craft!

  13. Simon (verified owner)

    The order was sent very quickly and arrived here in Germany within 4 days from order, which is quite good considering the ongoing Covid-19 situation. The package was what can only be described as “safe”. I had great fun unboxing.

    The sauce itself is very tasty! Its not terribly hot for my feeling, but just right so you can use it on food and still taste something. And it tastes good! I used it on cheese and crackers, chickenwings, and as an additive in a salad dressing so far; i dont think it will survive all that long on my shelf 🙂 i recommend it, and look forward to other Chilli chump hot sauces.

    • ChilliChump

      Thank you for your review Simon! I am really glad you enjoyed it.

  14. Robin Karewing (verified owner)

    This one was great, i did really enjoy these for my hotwings. A sweet and savoury sauce with a punch!

  15. Blake Heard (verified owner)

    This tastes AMAZING on wings! The packaging was very nicely done as well for the long trip across the pond to the USA. If I had any criticism, it would be that it is slightly too vinegary.

  16. Jim (verified owner)

    Very good sauce. Like an improved version of Frank’s or Tabasco.

  17. Erik Hartwig (verified owner)

    Review for Blazing Buffalo eXtreme Hot Sauce
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  18. Nick Checko (verified owner)

    I was born and raised and live in BUFFALO,NY…quite an expensive bottle of tobascco sauce…. not to mention the wait. Not quite a typical cayenne hot sauce, thin line water and tastes/smells like tobascco. Not sure what “super hot chilies” are. Not what I expected, been got by U.K. version of “buffalo” sauce. My friends and family agree. Heat was good but curiosity and the cat…

    • ChilliChump

      Hi Nick, thank you for your review. I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy it, and especially sad that you feel you have “been had”. The “superhot peppers” are a mix of Capsicum Chinense varieties that I grow, which add the heat (in this batch that you had I used Moruga Scorpions and 7pot Habanero). It depends on what I’m growing that season. Other than that the peppers used are cayenne which provide the core pepper flavour.

      With regard to price: I am a small scale producer at the moment. I am investing all the time in improving the scale of what I do. What I produce in a day, is what the Tabasco company produce in a minute. I am always working on bringing the prices down. Hopefully you give my sauces another chance in the future.

  19. Nick Checko (verified owner)

    Review for Blazing Buffalo eXtreme Hot Sauce
    ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

  20. Matt (verified owner)

    Hi Shaun after subscibing and watching all your videos I had very high expectations for this sauce. All I can say is wow… this sauce is excellent. That spicy, tangy, fermented goodness 10 out of 10. Thanks mr and Mrs chillichump.

    • ChilliChump

      Thank you! I am glad it met expectations!

  21. Michael Langan (verified owner)

    REALLY enjoyed this sauce, I am a huge fan of cayenne based sauces and this one was my absolute favorite. Im just sad that there are no more for sale. I add it with the killer cajun rub for chicken wings and it has to be the best wings EVER!! Please make more..

    • ChilliChump

      Thank you Michael! More is being made, and should be ready soon!

  22. Alex (verified owner)

    Shaun, you are a chump! You and I both know this sauce is not that hot. 😉

    Jokes aside, I’m really enjoying this and I think it will be plenty hot for most people. This sauce will remind you of Frank’s, but with more heat, more flavor, overall more complex. You can really taste the cayenne and the lacto-ferment flavors, it’s not just straight up vinegar like most store bought varieties. Well done!

    • ChilliChump

      Lol…I have to be careful with the heat levels! For the majority of people, this would be as hot as they would want to go! I should do a “super eXtreme” version for folk like yourself!

      Thank you for your review/rating mate!

  23. Ovidiu (verified owner)

    Amazing sauce! I hate that I only bought 1 bottle the first time. This time around I got 2 and I hope that it will last me until the next batch. 🙂 Really an amazing sauce I really recommend you try it.

    • ChilliChump

      Thank you Ovidiu! That is very kind of you to leave a review!!

  24. Peter ter Balkt (verified owner)

    Bottles arrived last Tuesday.
    Had to give it a taste immediately. This is such an amazing sauce. So delicious with a nice amount of heat. I really like it 👍

  25. Iain Grant (verified owner)

    If I leave a positive review for this sauce, I might not be able to order it again due to shortages.

    • ChilliChump


  26. Dennis Cloutier (verified owner)

    Awesome Louisiana style hot sauce. My favourite with wings.

  27. Stropheum (verified owner)

    Was very impressed with this sauce! I dislike tabasco sauce in general, but this to me tasted like what tabasco “should” taste like essentially. Finished off the bottle in about two weeks. Will buy again!

  28. Stuart Milne (verified owner)

    The sauce arrived promptly and true care was taken with the packaging.
    Over crispy buffalo wings, the sauce shines. The consistency allows for easy pouring but be wary as the sauce packs some heat……but it’s deliciously flavorsome.
    I suspect this will pair well with many foods, I look forward to find out which ones.

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