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This one is a burner! 🔥 Growing up, there was always that famous vinegar-based hot sauce on the table. If you enjoy that hot sauce from Avery Island, but wanted to splash a LOT more heat and flavour on your food, then you will love this!

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This one is a burner! 🔥 Growing up, there was always that famous vinegar-based hot sauce on the table. If you enjoy that hot sauce from Avery Island, but wanted to splash a LOT more heat and flavour on your food, then you will love this!


  • Trinidad Moruga Scorpion (to provide “The Sting”!)
  • Vinegar
  • Carolina Reaper
  • Salt
  • Xanthan Gum

*May contain traces of nuts

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Dimensions 5.05 × 5.05 × 18.5 cm


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11 reviews for The Sting – Hot Sauce

  1. blank

    Rob (verified owner)

    My sauce just arrived in the post, and despite having 3 other sauces on the go right now (2 chillichump and one my own) I couldn’t resist opening this straight up for a taste.

    First the packaging – Shaun spends as much care and attention on this, as he does his sauces and videos – unwrapping one is like Christmas, and much appreciated.

    Now the sauce – This is one of the more liquid of the ChilliChump sauces I’ve tried so far, reminiscent of a commercial tobacco sauce, about the same consistency as the blazing buffalo in my fridge right now. The addition of a flow restrictor is a big plus and will make this a regular at my dinner table.

    I grabbed a handful of crackers to taste it, and the flavor was overwhelming. Scorpion is one of my preferred chilli’s for sauces and this is bursting with flavours of the chilli’s complemented simply by the vinegar with no other flavours to get in the way. By the 3rd cracker the heat started, and by the 4th my mouth was on fire.

    For me, this is an overwhelming 5 star sauce – buy it now while you can.

    • blank


      Thank you for your review Rob! I am really happy you like it!

  2. blank

    Joshua Hopkin (verified owner)

    The product came very well packaged. It’s great to see the time, effort and pride in the product being sold. The graphics on the bottle could have been better as it was pixelated.

    The hot sauce itself is what it says it is, very similar to Tabasco but significantly hotter. It was a little overly diluted and watery, however achieves its flavour. It would have been nice to have seen a new spin taken and for the sauce to have a bit more complexity on the Tabasco flavour. That being said, Shaun has achieved what he set out to do flavour-wise and I can’t fault that.

    Keep up the hard work Shaun!

    • blank


      Thank you for taking the time leave a review Joshua! It is certainly appreciated!

      I would like to develop the flavours a little more in the future, I am thinking of smoking the chillies…but trying to balance the food safety aspect with flavours etc., can be a challenge. But I will keep on improving things!

      Also wanted to address the “pixelation” on the label. It was a design choice…We tried to make it look like the tail of the scorpion was blurred behind glass! But I think you are right….it just looks like it is blurry.

  3. blank

    Martin Åkra (verified owner)

    Great sauce, similar to tabasco – but with its own unique tang and a hell of a “sting”. First sauce i ordered, and I’m positively surprised!

  4. blank

    Matt (verified owner)

    Another top quality hot sauce from Mr Chillichump… great flavour, nice consistency with a solid building of heat. As always nicely packaged. 👍

  5. blank

    Raymond Smith (verified owner)

    As others have mentioned, The Sting has a similar flavour profile to tabasco but packs a lot more heat. I think the vinegar complements the flavour of the chillies perfectly, definitely easy to recommend for fans of tabasco, or other vinegar-heavy sauces but looking for something hotter. Thanks for sharing your tasty sauces with us Shaun, I also really appreciate that you’re willing to carefully pack and send them to the other side of the world so myself and others get to enjoy them!

  6. blank

    Jochla (verified owner)

    I love the sauce. If your mouth fills with water when you read the description, buy it. It is really tasty. Basically you get what you expect and what the description says. The sauce is hotter than Tabasco and has a pretty similar taste. There are some differences, but I prefer the taste of this sauce. I am quiet a bit surprised it is not hotter with those ingredients. Still this is a fantastic sauce perfect for daily use and again I really enjoy the flavour. This sauce isn’t even a week old and I already used the bottle neck.

    This is my first sauce and I give it 5 stars. Very well done.

  7. blank


    I like to try some of your hot sauces

  8. blank

    Ovidiu (verified owner)

    An amazing hot sauce! I use it on everything almost, it has a really nice flavor and decent heat that builds up over time. I highly recommend this one. It’s like a Tabasco but on steroids. 😁

  9. blank

    Euan Lamb (verified owner)

    I found one of these unopened at the bag of my cupboard over a year after purchase.
    No separation/discolouring and tastes fantastic.
    Very hot, use in moderation.
    Love it and like others have said the flow restrictor is essential.

    • blank


      Thanks for your review Euan! By the way, I have listened to the feedback…and The Sting now comes with a dripper…also it is spiced up just a little more than the first batch!

  10. blank

    Scott Findlay (verified owner)

    It came stunningly packaged, wrapped up in a fitting red crepe paper with chili chump logo stickers and each bottle carefully and individually wrapped in bubble wrap to protect them.
    When i first tasted the sauce i had mixed feelings. It was incredibly tasty but i felt that for a mix of carolina reaper and trinidad meruga scorpion it should have been hotter or maybe i am just desensitized from eating too much chilli. I first tasted it raw as a dip for some assorted fried snacks and it was great, with a nice vinegar tang and great fruity flavour from the chilli’s and i really appreciated that there was no sugar added to the mix so the chilli flavour could really shine. When using it as a dipping sauce it was added liberally to food for a good coating and in the raw format i found that the punch was not too pronounced but my next taste was to add it to a sauce with the first being a homemade chilli. I was really surprised that the burn actually seemed to greatly intensify when i used it as a cooking ingredient and i think i put about 4 tablespoons into my pot of chilli based on what i thought the heat level was tasting it raw. I must say that it has a really interesting heat profile in that there is no burn in the throat or on the lips really but what there was is a pronounced “sting” on the tongue which is why i guess it got its name. It builds over a couple of minutes and becomes quite intense but not unbearable and has a great lingering heat to it and a lasting and pleasant flavour. I just did my own version of a pasta arribiata with 2 tablespoons added to the sauce and it was absolutely delicious!

  11. blank

    Alex Train (verified owner)

    Phwooaar. Good ol’ burn this one. Light consistency with slight vinegary taste which doesn’t longer but has a real nice sweetness to it. Hot but not unpleasant. I’m becoming more accustom to it as the weeks go on. Thumbs up! Good job. 👏🏻

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