Why Pot Up Our Chilli Plants?

There are a few things to take into consideration when deciding when and why to pot on your chillies.

Your location, climate, sunlight hours and last frost date will have all played a role in when you decided to sow your seeds and they will also affect when you decide to pot them on. Having enough space inside a grow tent or on a windowsill to keep your chillies before they can go outside is a big practical element to consider.  1L pots take up less space than 10L pots!

Key Reason for Potting Up Chilli Plants

Potting up is about giving your plants the best possible chance to be healthy and produce an abundance of chillies for you to enjoy.  The key to this is balancing growth above and below ground by helping your plant to establish its root system.

How Do I Create Healthy Roots?

We’d all like to go from seedlings to established plants in the blink of an eye but, unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. Even before you’ve spotted the first signs of a new seedling emerging it will have been busy sending out the first roots starting to build the support network it will need to thrive.

The roots provide the nutrients essential to maintain above soil growth and a healthy productive plant. A large root system allows your plant to produce those big harvests we’re all after but balancing growth above the soil and the growth of roots can be tricky. 

Not over watering your plants will encourage it to spread its roots out in search of water and nutrients. This will help it to fill each pot with roots and establish that vital support network.

When Should I Repot my Chillies?

Healthy Root System, Ready to Pot Up!

When the plant has started to show signs of roots poking out the bottom of it’s pot is usually a good indication that it’s ready or nearly ready to be potted on.  Here is an example of what the roots of a healthy plant should look like when it’s ready to be potted up.

How Often Should I Repot Chilli Plants?

In an ideal world we would pot up a few times before getting to it’s final pot.  If we had the time we would do this:

  1. seed tray
  2. 200ml/7cm pot
  3. 1L
  4. 5L
  5. Final Pot

Sometimes life gets in the way and we may miss a step.  This just means that it may be a little longer before we notice any above-ground growth whilst your plant establishes itself in its new home. 

Potting up in this way allows your plants to reach their full potential!

Happy growing, and Stay Spicy!

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