Nyami Piri Piri Hot Sauce

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This is my Nyami Hot Sauce. It has plenty of Piri Piri chillies, and also a good amount of turmeric in it too, to result in a delicious hot sauce!

The Nyami Nyami is seen as the god of Zambezi Valley and the river before the creation of the Kariba Dam. He is regularly depicted as a snake-like being or dragon-like creature with a snake’s torso and the head of a fish.

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This is my Nyami Hot Sauce. It has plenty of Piri Piri chillies, and also a good amount of turmeric in it too, to result in a delicious hot sauce!

The Nyami Nyami is seen as the god of Zambezi Valley and the river before the creation of the Kariba Dam. He is regularly depicted as a snake-like being or dragon-like creature with a snake’s torso and the head of a fish.

In terms of heat, I have marked this one as 1.5 out of 5, I would say a little hotter than Tabasco sauce.


  • Piri-Piri Chillies
  • White Wine Vinegar
  • Turmeric
  • Garlic
  • Salt
  • Xanthan Gum (<0.1%)

*May contain traces of nuts

attentionPlease read the information about delivery, customs, and duties.

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16 reviews for Nyami Piri Piri Hot Sauce

  1. blank

    Beano (verified owner)

    A very tasty Piri Piri sauce. Going to use this on all the foods I would usually have hot sauce with. Mainly steak and chicken nuggets.
    Arrived in Australia without any dramas and only took 9 days.

    • blank


      Wow! That was quick. Excellent. And thank you for the review!

  2. blank

    Robert Conner (verified owner)

    Very zesty sauce that is unlike any other peri peri sauces I’ve had. I highly recommend trying it. It goes well with just about anything that calls for a little kick. I’ll definitely be purchasing another bottle when this one runs out. Thanks ChilliChump!

  3. blank

    Lewis (verified owner)

    Fantastic sauce its my first time trying them after watching your videos for a year have already ordered a hotter one to try

  4. blank

    Nicolas P. (verified owner)

    Definitely one of my favorite sauce by far! It’s very tasty, and you don’t have to put a lot of it to have the good tangy chilli taste (and the heat as well)! I ordered two bottles, one for my friend birthday and one for me. We both enjoyed that sauce a lot! As for the heat don’t be afraid it’s pretty powerful if you eat a lot of it! The heat last a long time too. Goes well with every kind of meat. I really enjoy it with sausages and mexican meals! Arrived in Canada in 9 days prefectly packaged! Highly recommanded sauce! Thank you ChilliChump!

    • blank


      Thanks Nicolas!

  5. blank

    Matt (verified owner)

    Excellent chilli sauce with a unique flavour. Fish and chips with Chillichumps nyami chilli salt and this sauce is incredible. Highly recommend.

    • blank


      Thank you Matt, I am really glad you like it!

  6. blank

    Josh (verified owner)

    What a great all-rounder! Very tasty and unique. It’s zesty and has a nice heat level, that’s not too hot. Would definitely recommend the purchase. I’m always impressed of how well packaged Shaun’s bottles come and I can only hope he keeps up the hard work and keep making more sauce!

  7. blank

    Ovidiu (verified owner)

    A good sauce, with decent heat and a nice tang to it. But the only downside for me it’s the turmeric that I’m not a fan of. But a nice sauce nonetheless!

  8. blank

    Lars-Göran Dahlgren (verified owner)

    This is an amazing sauce, the flavours are intense and for lack of a better word – intriguing. I’ve gone through the better part of a bottle (in a ridiculously short time too I might add) and I still can’t quite describe all the flavours in here. This sauce is definitely more than the sum of it’s parts. Will buy again, but more than just one bottle for sure.

  9. blank


    This sauce was fantastic! Very unique, tangy, and earthy. This will be my go-to for chicken and rice bowls for the forseeable future. I recorded my initial reaction for posterity if anyone is curious!

  10. blank


    My lovely wife got the large bottle of Nyami Piri Piri Hot Sauce for me as a gift. I couldn’t be more pleased. This sauce is definitely one of my favorites now. Really very tasty.

  11. blank

    Jim Saltsman (verified owner)

    The bottle I received came very quickly to Vermont, US.Around 9 days! For me the Nyami wasn’t hot at all. The tumeric was interesting and nice for a change. It was a bit too thin for me. I like hot sauce to stay where I put it and not run onto the plate. I can’t wait to get a hotter sauce when you can make another CC. Something in the hab heat range. I’m over superhots and endurance. The only reason I grow some scorpions is the plant I have came from a seed planted almost 10 yrs ago. Great work CC keep it up!

  12. blank

    Dan McKenna (verified owner)

    Great sauce, I use it with eggs in an omelette, makes it taste really good. So addicted I have almost ran out. Time to get the 500ml bottle I think.
    Will be trying it with other things shortly, not overly hot, just a nice taste and a small amount of heat.

  13. blank

    Stuart (verified owner)

    Great sauce, loved it. Just the right amount of heat. Thank you.

  14. blank

    Matt (verified owner)

    My bottle arrived this morning, already sampled it… and it’s a fantastic sauce! Love the flavour, the heat level is just right for me and I love the consistency of the sauce too. Possibly my new favourite.

    • blank


      Thank you for your review and feedback Matt!

  15. blank

    Matthew Stokes (verified owner)

    After receiving my sauce on Monday I felt compelled to leave a review. First thoughts: a little bit runny, bottle not conducive for pouring such a runny sauce. Blown away by the taste and spice level though, not overly spicy and complements the taste so well. It reminds me of the sauce I used to eat when I used to frequent Ponta Do Ouro, the locals used pretty much the same one on their chicken and prawns! (I remember seeing on one of your vids you got these seeds straight from the source?). Decanted mine into a squeeze bottle. Absolutely delicious, thank you, Shaun.

    • blank


      Hi Matthew, thank you for your purchase! Thank you for your feedback, I agree it is a little too runny…and will be fixing that with the next batch! I am glad you enjoy the flavours though, thank you for the review and feedback!

  16. blank

    samhudson69 (verified owner)

    My bottles arrived earlier today and I had to try it straight away. I love the flavour and the consistency. I’m 1/4 of a bottle down already, don’t think my body will thank me later 🙈 Think I’ve found my new favourite hot sauce tho. Hopefully will get to try future sauces especially some super hot ones.

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