Beginners Guide to Automation

*UPDATE*: I have created a second channel where I will be uploading the Beginners Guide to Automation. This is to seperate the more techy content from the rest on the main channel. Please subscribe to get updated to future episodes!

Since showing my Automation setup for my greenhouse and garden, people have been asking how they can do it too. So I created a series to show you how! This is my Beginners Guide to Automation. It is meant for anyone to follow along! A lot of the time learning things like this may seem intimidating if you have never done anything like it before. I would like people young and old, with any level of experience to be able to learn along with this series and do some really cool things by the end of it!

Below is a list of things I would recommend you consider purchasing:

Soldering Iron:
Solder wire:
Precision Screwdriver set:
Wire stripper:
Prototyping Breadboards:
Magnetic Helping Hands:
Cheap Helping Hands:
Silicone Mat:

DHT22 temp/hum sensor with pullup:
High precision temp/hum sensor:
Single relay (3.3v):
6ch relay (3.3v):
8ch relay (3.3v):
Buck Converters (regulate voltage efficiently):

Raspberry Pi 4: (You can use other Raspberry Pi’s)
Raspberry Pi 4 Case: (This is the one I have, but choose the one you like)
Raspberry Pi 4 Power Supply:
MicroSD Card 32gb:

5 thoughts on “Beginners Guide to Automation”

  1. Hi CC Just happen to find you & the Guide to Automation. Excited to get started. On Episode 2, my view of your PC screen is too small to read & hard to follow. I may lose something in translation as I’m on a Mac. Would you have any suggestions? Thanks, Rea

    1. Hi Rea, I have fixed this now in later episodes, I made the text size bigger. Also for episode 2, where the text is too small I put a link to the content in the description. Here it is in case you missed it:
      Let me know if you had any questions.

  2. Mr. Chilli,

    I have so enjoyed your videoes, but only just recently found the automation ones. I will be automating my chilli high tunnel once I build it this summer!

    Thank you for so selflessly giving of your time and talent to help others.


  3. Thanks for this guide! Which water pump would you recommend that would NOT require main voltage? Also keen to have recommendatio’s on irrigation tubes. My project is for a few plants, nothibg extended… So far. Best, Leonard

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