No-rinse sanitiser alternative (to Starsan)

If you have watched my videos for any length of time, you would know I use a no-rinse santiser when making my sauces, processing food etc. Starsan has been my sanitiser of choice for many years now. Unfortunately it is getting increasingly difficult and expensive to get hold of (especially in the EU), but there is finally an alternative on the market, and I will be switching to it once my current stock runs out. That alternative is Chemsan. It is a direct replacement for Starsan. I got the tip on the Chillichump Facebook Group, so thank you guys! ( )

5 thoughts on “No-rinse sanitiser alternative (to Starsan)”

  1. Hi,
    I watched peri peri sauce recipe on YouTube on your channel just want to know if I need different types of peri peri sauce I mean like lemon & do I make it.
    Please be Advise

    1. I am not aware of that one. I just looked it up, it looks like it comes in powder form? I have other cleaners that are in powder form, but it is much easier to mix it when it is a liquid. But the one you mention should be fine!

    1. This isn’t a cleaner I am familiar with. I did a little research and it seems this is mainly used on machines/containers where milk has been present…marketed as a “milkstone” remover. This isn’t a cleaner I would personally use when I have other affordable options.

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