Some common questions I get

I get some questions more often than others! Below are a few that you may have, and some relevant videos to help you out!

I need some help with growing peppers (soil mix, lights, watering schedule, planting seeds, harvesting etc.)

How do I isolate my chillies so that I don’t get cross pollination?

How do I harvest seeds to use next year?

Can I ferment with dried chillies?

Why do you ferment in a fridge? I thought you need higher temperatures for fermenting?
How do I make my own Ferminator (fermenting fridge)?

What the shortest time I should ferment my chilli peppers?

How long can I ferment my chilli peppers for?

I need some ideas for hot sauces

Whats the difference between a Mash and Brine fermentation?

Where do I get fermenting jars from? How do I make my own?

How do I stop my sauce from seperating, without using an emulsifier e.g. Xantham gum?
How do I make a stirplate!

How do I clean, store and calibrate my pH meter?

How do I pot up, and how do I know when to?

Help! How do I know if my fermentation is healthy?

How do I keep my ferments from going bad? (Clean/Sanitize/Sterilize)

What kind of compost/soil mix should I use?

How do I get rid of all these bugs? They’re wrecking my plants!

15 thoughts on “Some common questions I get”

  1. I have looked both on the video and your site here, and can’t find a place where I can buy your blazing buffalo sauce. It’s not even mention matter of fact

    1. Hi David, the link to both the Blazing Buffalo sauces, from my video yesterday, are linked in the description of the video. They are also linked in the email for the newsletter I sent out (are you signed up? However both sauces were sold out in a matter of hours! But if you get yourself on the newsletter, you will get a heads-up before the next one comes up for sale.

  2. I’m looking forward to the 2020 grow challenge. I ordered the pack as well as the Nifty 50 pack. So I spent some bucks. I grew two 500 lb pumpkins this year and had a 7 foot tall Reaper and had more fun growing the pepper. Send me an email and will send back some pictures. I will be your US contender.

      1. I started fermenting last year and found your videos to be the most informative. My question is, is it possible to over blend your mash? I think that I have because it looks too much like the final product. If I have, do I need to throw it away and start over?

        1. You can’t really overprocess. However you do risk it heating up if you do process too long. But I doubt you need to throw it out.

      1. Stir bar draws more of the flavours out of the mash initially (before you separate the mash)…and by emulsifying it with a stirbar, you don’t thicken it like you would with xanthan gum. Xanthan gum is fine to use though….it just gives you other options.

  3. Great website, enjoyed very much your informative video.
    I grow tomatoes and a few chilli peppers but get plagued with greenhouse whitefly. Have to cover chillis with insect mesh which is both difficult and expensive. Sprays and encarsa are not really effective.
    Do you have such a problem. I live in Scotland.

  4. Hi Chilli Chump

    I have only just discovered your YouTube channel, feels like I was the last person to know! Your content is great. I’ve been doing bits and bobs over the last year on a small scale and recently gave out a hot sauce as a present for Christmas. Feed back has been great and I’m looking to scale up to sell locally. As I’ve only made 20 150ml bottles at most could you recommend or point me in the right direction for the best containers/ equipment so that I could perhaps yield 150 bottles without using lots of jars.
    Any advice would be gratefully appreciated. Keep up the solid work.


    1. Hi Rob, better late than never!

      With regards to your question. If you sign up on Patreon, I have a tier where I provide a 1:1 session monthly to help you out if you are making sauces etc. I can give you advice, guidance etc. There are quite a few things to consider beyond just the manufacture of your sauce, if you are going to sell it. The Patreon sign-up also give you access to my private Discord server where you can have further conversations with me and other folk with similar interests.

  5. Hi Shaun,
    Ken from Mass. I started my peppers late this year, and moved them(about 40 plants) in my sunroom(unheated) but use a couple of space heaters, just before the frost. Still lots of peppers ripening. My question is why are some going soft before fully ripe and are the still good to use? Also, I hope this is an appropriate area to ask a question, if not let me know where. Finally what time does your monthly youtube video start and do I need to become a member to join in. If so, link to where to join.

    1. Hi Ken,

      They could be going soft for a few reasons. I would cut them open, if they are discoloured on the inside, then I wouldn’t use them personally.

      No need to join up on memberships or on Patreon ( However if you want to check out Patreon, it supports my channel and it gives you access to the private Discord server. There are a bunch of great folk on there, and me of course! My Garden update series will be on Youtube for free again (same as previous years), and I start in January typically. I split my update series into a playlist for each year so it is easy to watch back the previous series!

  6. Hello sir!
    Do you feel it necessary to purchase a weight for fermentation? If not what are your favorite ways to weigh it down? Thank you in advance!

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