Corrections for my Stay Spicy Recipe Book

Unfortunately misspellings and mistakes will creep in when writing a book. As much a Mrs ChilliChump and myself tried to make sure the Stay Spicy Recipe Book was perfect, some mistakes still came through.

  • For the ChilliChump chutney on page 169, it says you need 120g of salt. You only need 20g of salt! (
  • On page 88 I mention that there is a QR Code for instructions on how to build a biltong box. I haven’t yet published this video. When it does get published I will link to it here
  • On page 31, an onion is listed in the ingredients, but not mentioned in the method. If you follow the link to the video you will see how I use the onion…it is to keep things submerged below the brine. If you are using weights, then no need for the onion! (
  • On page 141 (Killer Cajun), there is a missing ingredient: 5tbsp dried Oregano (this is in fact optional, some people don’t like the Oregano taste, and it can actually taste soapy to them)
  • On page 64 I mention sugar, but don’t show it in the ingredients on page 65. This is actually optional, but you can add 0.5 – 1 tbsp of sugar (or equivalent)

I will keep this post updated with any other corrections I find or get reported to me.

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