Fermented Hot Sauce: Orange is the New Red

This is a great hot sauce, it is a beautiful bright orange colour and the flavours are phenomenal! I fermented this for just over a month, and it turned out perfectly. The pH was low at 3.4! (get yourself a cheap pH meter to do your own testing) So it is a shelf-stable, safe sauce.

The peppers in this sauce: Sugar Rush Peach, Cardi MOA Bonnet, Carbonero, and a couple sweet peppers (Sweet Banana and Ramiro)


3 thoughts on “Fermented Hot Sauce: Orange is the New Red”

  1. Hi! amazing videos. Thanks a lot for all the information, it’s been extremely helpful and inspiring.
    I have a question in regards to lactobacillus fermentation. Have you ever tried to use Lactobacillus MRS broth to inoculate your sauces ?

    1. Hi Ricardo, thank you! I have tested with MRS, but honestly it didn’t make enough of a difference for me to continue with it….at least with the fermentations I was testing with.

  2. Love your videos. What would you do differently, were you to make this again? More/Less on the cardamom and fennel, or other spices added?

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