Sriracha – How to Make Your Own Hot Sauce

Are you craving Sriracha hot sauce and suffering from the 2023 Sriracha shortage? Did you know that homemade Sriracha sauce tastes better and gives you complete control over its ingredients and spiciness? This article will guide you step-by-step on creating your brand of Sriracha hot sauce from scratch.

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Make Your Own Sriracha Hot Sauce

Why Is There A Huy Fong Sriracha Shortage?

Huy Fong suggests that the chili peppers used to produce this famous rooster hot sauce, the supply of red jalapeños has been disrupted by climate change. Unpredictable weather patterns, such as prolonged droughts and extreme temperatures, have plagued the growing regions, resulting in lower crop yields and reduced quality of the peppers. As a result, Huy Fong has been unable to secure a sufficient supply of red jalapeños, leading to a scarcity of Sriracha in the market. 

Red Peppers for Sriracha

The demand for hot peppers, the critical ingredient in many hot sauces, has skyrocketed, leading to limited supplies and higher prices. Hot sauce enthusiasts are increasingly looking for unique and innovative flavors.

However, controversially, brands such as Tabasco, which uses red jalapeño, and Yellowbird are unaffected by the shortage of raw materials, suggesting there may be issues with Huy Fong’s suppliers. 

How To Survive The Sriracha Hot Sauce Shortage?

Initially developed by Thai woman named Thanom Chakkapak in the town of Si Racha (or Sriracha), Thailand. this sauce has taken the culinary world by storm. With recent concerns about the shortage, it’s time for chili growers and gardeners to take matters into their own hands and create a delicious homemade version. This article guides you through making your sriracha sauce with a twist!

Making Homemade Sriracha Chili Pepper Sauce

To make your sriracha hot sauce, first you need to gather your ingredients. The basics will stay the same but I’d encourage you to experiment.

Basic Sriracha Hot Sauce Recipe

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  • 450 g Red Jalapeno or Serrano Peppers
  • 4 cloves Garlic
  • 60 g Brown Sugar
  • 15 g Kosher Salt
  • 120 ml White Vinegar
  • As needed Water


  • Roughly chop your peppers and remove the stems.
  • Add the peppers, garlic, brown sugar and salt to a blender and process until you have a puree. You can add a little water if needed to loosen the mix but try to keep it as dry as possible.
  • Transfer the mix to a glass jar and ferment at room temperature for 2-3 weeks.
  • After fermenting, pour the mixture into a blender, add your vinegar and process until smooth.
  • Pass the mixture through a food mill into a saucepan, pressing down to extract as much of the liquid as possible.
  • Bring the mix to a boil over medium heat, reduce the heat, and simmer for 10-15 minutes until it is at the desired consistency.
  • Let the sauce cool and then transfer to a glass jar or bottle.
  • Your homemade Sriracha sauce should last at least one month if stored in the refrigerator.

Creating your DIY sriracha rooster sauce starts with fresh, high-quality ingredients. Red Jalapeno or Serrano peppers primarily form the hot and spicy base of our homemade hot sauce recipe.

The art of making Sriracha lies in achieving a harmonious balance of flavors. Take your homemade Sriracha to the next level by exploring the additional ingredients to give your sauce its unique taste. Experiment with distilled white vinegar, fish sauce, and garlic to infuse your sauce with a delightful umami flavor.

Toss in some garlic for an extra flavour that works wonderfully alongside the hot red peppers. Light brown sugar enters the mix to bring a subtle sweetness that complements the heat.

Kosher salt enhances other flavors and is a crucial natural preservative in this tangy hot sauce recipe. To give it a well-rounded tart kick, we utilise distilled white vinegar – another fantastic preservative for your chill pepper sauce ingredients ensemble.


For those who crave an even spicier chili sauce, consider adding Thai red chili peppers or tossing some red pepper flakes according to your heat preference. If you lean towards the less spicy side, sweeten up and tone down your batch with delicious red bell pepper.

If you’re looking for ideas of other ingredients you can experiment with I have a couple of my own recipes linked below for you:

ChilliChump Sriracha Style Hot Sauce
ChilliChump Sriracha Hot Sauce Recipe

Fermentation Process

Fermenting takes these great ingredients and elevates them into a robust, flavorful sauce, starting with fresh, quality ingredients like Serrano or Jalapeno peppers.

Fermenting Peppers for Sriracha

This procedure typically lasts about 2-3 weeks at room temperature—each passing day intensifying the flavors and creating that distinct Sriracha zing loved by so many. But for those desiring a deeper flavor profile, some sauce makers extend this stage up to 3 months.

Regardless of duration, an essential part of ‘active’ fermentation involves “burping” the glass jars – a simple act of unscrewing the lid periodically to prevent pressure build-up. The culmination? A well-blended homemade Sriracha sauce ready for its place on your condiments shelf!

Your fermented Sriracha will now be ready for the next steps.

Remove any impurities that may have formed during fermentation and take in the vibrant colors and enticing aroma.

Bringing Your Sriracha Sauce Together

Combine your fermented peppers with the rest of your chosen ingredients in a food processor. It’s that simple.

Taste your creation as you go and make any necessary adjustments to achieve the desired balance. Dilute the sauce with distilled vinegar, add more garlic if you want to, and ensure its stability with a touch of xanthan gum. Once you’ve addressed these elements, and run your sauce through a food mill, your homemade Sriracha will be complete. The heat isn’t meant to scare you away but thrill your taste buds while paying homage to traditional Thai Sriracha sauce flavors.

Sriracha Sauce Close Up

Benefits of Making Your Own Sriracha Sauce Ferment

Making your own Sriracha sauce offers a range of benefits, including customisable flavors, control over ingredients and additives, and cost-effectiveness.

Customisable Flavors

Making your sauce allows you to unleash creativity and personalise the flavors to suit your taste buds. Create a flavor profile that is uniquely yours. While it may differ from the famous rooster-branded sriracha sauce, your creation will undoubtedly impress with its distinctive, homemade charm. 

The power is in your hands whether you prefer it spicier or milder, sweeter or tangier. Experiment with different combinations of spices and seasonings, and say goodbye to store-bought options with limited choices.

Control Over Ingredients And Additives

You have complete control over the ingredients and additives when making your sauce. Store-bought options often contain preservatives and artificial flavours, but by DIYing them, you can ensure that your hot sauce is made with natural ingredients.

Align your sauce with your dietary preferences and restrictions and experiment with different chili pepper varieties.


Making your sriracha sauce at home is a fun and creative culinary project and can be highly cost-effective.

Homemade Sriracha Hot Sauce

Customise the flavor profile precisely to your liking without breaking the bank. Plus, with the recent shortages of popular sriracha brands like Huy Fong Foods, making your hot sauce allows you to enjoy this spicy delight whenever you desire.

So save some cash and unleash your inner chef by creating your sriracha hot sauce in your kitchen.

Homemade Sriracha Sauce Top Tips

Choose the right peppers for your homemade Sriracha sauce and ensure your Sriracha tastes fantastic! Also, learn to adjust heat levels and store them properly for long-lasting flavours.

Choosing The Right Peppers

Choosing the right peppers is crucial in determining your sauce’s flavour and heat level. Two popular options are Serrano and Jalapeno peppers.

Both of these are favourites of mine to grow each year and they feature in my article Top 10 Classic Chili Varieties to Grow This Season.

Serrano and Jalapeno Peppers for Sriracha Hot Sauce

Serrano peppers bring a hotter intensity compared to the milder Jalapenos. Serranos would be ideal for those who prefer a spicier kick, while Jalapenos offer a more approachable heat level.

Experimenting with different pepper combinations can help you find the perfect balance for your homemade Sriracha sauce recipe.

Adjusting Heat Levels

Adjusting the heat levels in homemade sriracha sauce is easy to customise this popular condiment to suit your taste buds. You can vary the spiciness of your sauce by using different types of peppers, such as Red Jalapenos or Fresno peppers.

These peppers have varying heat levels on the Scoville Scale, allowing you to create a sriracha sauce just right for you. Additionally, you can control the sweetness and spiciness by adjusting the sugar in your recipe.

Proper Storage And Shelf Life

Storing your homemade sriracha sauce properly ensures its freshness and longevity. You should follow a few guidelines to maximize the shelf life of your spicy creation.

After making the sauce, transfer it into an airtight jar or bottle. Store the Sriracha in the refrigerator, which can stay fresh for 2 to 3 years if unopened.

Bottled Sriracha Hot Sauce

Once opened, refrigeration is necessary to maintain its quality and flavor for up to a month or longer when stored in the fridge. Understanding optimal storage conditions and proper packaging techniques can significantly extend your homemade sriracha sauce’s shelf life while keeping those fiery flavors intact.

Conclusion To Beating The Sriracha Shortage

In conclusion, making your sriracha hot sauce is a fun and rewarding DIY project that allows you to customise the flavors to your liking while having control over the ingredients used.

It is cost-effective and allows you to experiment with different peppers and adjust the heat levels according to your preference. Try creating a homemade batch of this spicy condiment and add some extra kick to your meals.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a ready-made handcrafted Sriracha hot sauce then make sure you visit my store where you can grab your very own bottle of ChilliChump Sriracha while stocks last.

ChilliChump Sriracha


1. What Ingredients Do I Need For Sriracha Hot Sauce?

To make your own Sriracha hot sauce, you will need red chili peppers, garlic cloves, distilled white vinegar, granulated sugar, salt, and water.

2. How Spicy Is Homemade Sriracha Compared To Store-bought Versions?

The spiciness of homemade Sriracha can vary depending on the type of chili peppers used and personal preference. However, generally speaking, homemade versions are hotter and more flavorful than store-bought versions.

3. Can I Make A Super Hot Sriracha?

Yes, you can adjust the heat level of your homemade Sriracha by adding more chili peppers. If you prefer a hotter sauce, do not remove the seeds from the peppers before blending them.

4. How Long Does Homemade Sriracha Last In The Refrigerator?

Homemade Sriracha can typically last up to 6 months when stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator. It must be adequately sealed and refrigerated to maintain its freshness and flavor over time.

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